Sunday, October 10, 2004

Vanilla Ice!

Recieved an email from a Debbie P - Leamington Spa (the first none-steve record)

Hello Mr World Record,
On Sunday September 12th I successfully drunk 6 cans of vanilla diet coke in one day. Is this a record?

Yes, Indeed Debbie, as no one else has;
  1. Beaten your record before, or
  2. the smallest dog in the world in a can of diet vanilla coke

You are infact the Steve's Blog of World records for drinking the most cans of diet vanilla coke in one day! Congrates!!!

Rememeber, if you would like to beat Debbie's record - email me at;


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Aint nothing im only 13 years old and i can drink at least a whole 24 pack of diet vanilla coke my name is johnathon summers of waskom texas my email is kinda messed up rite now butt if you have a myspace id be happy to shatter that record my myspace name is johnathon summers and im here too say that that record wont stand for long im out too beat it get in touch with me please

4:22 AM  
Anonymous johnathon summers said...

ill beat it easily

4:23 AM  

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