Sunday, October 17, 2004

WKD - just crazy

Debbie from Leamington spa is intent on becoming Steve's Blog of World Records' most World Record Holder - After John H's Birthday Crazy Session - Debbie is claiming two records - the first is below;

Hello again,
I would like to claim the record for the fastest time drinking a blue WKD (or in fact any alcopop). I drank one yesterday in around 2.7 seconds. Is this a record? I also drank a second one in about 4.5 seconds - which may be a record for two consecutive ones, who knows?
Please will you check your vast record vault and let me know.

Debbie - Good call here ... You are in fact the new holder of two records here! One for the quickest downing of Blue WKD by 2.7 Seconds - and the Quickest for Two consecutive Blue WKDs. However, Steve's Blog of World Records has to point out - drinking alcohol this quick could lead to injury, or you agreeing to sexual orgy sessions which you may later regret.

Tar Tar & Congrates


Anonymous Jwkd said...

2.7 seconds, not bad, u time it urself or wot? oh yeah can u open ur gullet? my best is bout three though u cant have the record cos ive witnessed someone do it with an open gullet and it was like 1.7! but i think thats cheating lol

9:33 PM  

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