Sunday, October 17, 2004

Death by Balls?

World record breaking isnt as easy as it seems - every day - thousands of people put their life on the line - Eg - Fastest Car in the World, Standing in the largest Ice Cube for the longest time, Brushing a Great White Sharks' Teeth for the longest period in time. Stand aside all you fools - Crazy Debbie P is now impressing the Blog of Records with the following record claim;

Dear Keeper of the Records,
I would like to claim the world record for closest near death experience related to eating cheese balls. Yesterday I managed to get 15 of them in my mouth and came very close to choking to death. Is this a record?

Well, Thanks Debbie, Only you could be stupid enough to choak on cheese balls - but great world record attempt. Being sat at the Bar, reading the Sun and drinking a fine pint - your eyes did indeed nearly pop out of their sockets. I'm going to give you this World record - mainly because of you being a Simpleton.

Rememeber, Steve's Blog of records are not insured for any kind of death, injury or harm - and we do not encourage choak related World Record attempts

Well done ... ~ World Records


Blogger brooke said...

i can fit 48 cheese balls in my mouth at one time. :)
granted i did almoat die at a christmas party but none theless i did stuff all 48 in at once!

9:44 PM  

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