Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Wet Brain Tshirt

Numour emails from a Rich Reeves (goin to take for bloody ever)

I would like to report the following world record:

Date: 16th October 2004
Location: Cask and Bottle Pub, NE Leamington
Record Holder: Abbi
Record: "Most incorrect guesses at hangman for a word that is written on your own T-shirt"
Record Claimed: 9 (nine) "F, M, Y, A, O, C, D, I, N" (the word was 'HUSTLER')

Record Witnessed by: Tom, pfh.

Congrates Abbie - You're a Steve's Blog Of World Records - get some glasses


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bookmark you. I have a

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it pretty much covers **t-shirt** related stuff.

10:04 AM  

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